As a picture framer my main concern is the process of assembling a framed piece of artwork to a high standard which will last for many years. Hanging the framed artwork is seldom given as much consideration so I have put together some picture hanging tips. The subject of picture hanging could be a very lengthy topic of discussion and debate so here I have concentrated on how to hang and align pictures.

A general rule for the height to hang a picture requires the central horizontal line of the image to be set at eye level. This of course depends on the height of the viewer and unless you, or others of the same height are the only ones viewing it or you have an art gallery in your home, it is seldom practical. Many pictures are positioned on available wall space and clusters of pictures of varying sizes may be hung together. Of course, how they are arranged in the space can be quite subjective and down to the preference of the owner. Click the following link for a useful guide to positioning pictures: How To Hang And Align Pictures Correctly On A Wall :: @Thinctanc.com.

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