Glazing Options

Spire Framing are pleased to offer a range of options you may wish to consider as an alternative to plain glass.

 Water White Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass: This glass is very clear with less than 1% reflection of light and the low impurity content renders it practically invisible. Four optical coatings on each side provide anti-reflective properties. As prices have come down over the years we can offer this glass at a more affordable price. It is the preferred choice for glazing pictures now. See your artwork, not your reflection.

Water White anti-reflective Glass with UV filter (Museum Glass): Not just for museums, this glass offers all the properties of the water white AR glass but with at least 92% UV light filtering. Important for protection of valuable works on paper and to prevent deterioration of pigments.

Conservation Glass UV 99%: Recommended where protection from harmful UV light is paramount. A cost effective alternative to Museum Glass.