Framing Services

A range of frames in various sizes

Frames can be made for original paintings, photographs, prints, canvases, textiles, collectables and memorabilia. It is best to bring your item to be framed to the workshop where frame samples can be viewed and guidance can be given.

Frames Wood or metal. Usually ready finished. We also have solid wood frames including Ash, Oak, Walnut, Cherry & Poplar which can be stained, painted or just finished with a clear wax showing the wood as nature intended. Browse a range of sample chevrons on view at the workshop.

Tray Frames for a stylish contemporary look. Particularly suited to works on canvas or board. A very appropriate style of frame for large works on canvas or board.

Unique bespoke frames are developed along with the customer. These can be a painted or stained solid wood frame to specific colour and style. The frames are specific to suit a style of artwork for each customer and therefor unique. This takes time and attention to detail.

Glass from standard picture glass to specialist glass with anti-reflective and UV filtering properties. Clear water white glass provides excellent clarity and greatly reduced reflection. See a demonstration at the workshop.

Mountboard a wide selection of colours available including, conservation and museum standard boards which help conserve artwork for at least 20 years and help prevent discolouring/foxing.

Shadow Box frames for 3-dimensional objects and float frames. These frames will support the item with no visible attachment and they are very effective if combined with clear water white reflection free glass.

Photographs particularly those which are produced on photographic paper ‘old style’  and of value, not reproducable, are mounted using 100% cotton mount board (‘Museum’ standard) and undermount. These standards are recommended by the FATG. In straight forward terms, this means the mount board that comes into contact with the photograph has passed various tests to help ensure their constituent parts do not interact with the silver element or emulsions that form part of the photographic substrate used in traditional photographic printing.

Canvas Stretching on stretcher bars cut to exact sizes required and to conservation standard using hardwood. Less expensive options using pine wood bars are available but these are not to FATG conservation standard.

Float Mounting provides an interesting effect which shows the whole of the artwork and substrate with its four outer edges with at least a 5mm gap from the frame sight edge. The artwork can be floated above the backing board or level with it. The effect is, it appears to ‘float’ within the frame. For paper based prints/artwork which are valued and items of monetary value, a special method of mounting is used which incorporates use of rag, PH neutral, gummed tape with minimum contact with the artwork substrate. We recommend this method, unless otherwise agreed with the customer or logistically not possible.

Vacuum Press Dry Mounting ideal for works on paper or canvas but not to conservation standard and only recommended for easily reproducible artwork of lower value, unless agreed by the customer. The process will flatten and bond the artwork to a backing substrate such as mountboard. Works can then be framed in traditional frames, float mounted or tray frames. We don’t use this method for photographs on thin and/or high gloss papers or photographs of value.

Printing just supply a digital image file and we will do the rest.

Mirrors made to your specifications. No more compromises on size and frame choice!

Visit us in the beautiful Ebble valley on the outskirts of Salisbury where we have frame and mountboard samples on display in the workshop.

Visit your home or business – personal consultation at your home or business. Please enquire.

Call us on 01722 718695 or 07747 017221 or email: info@spireframing.co.uk

(NB: Re-Framing can be done but please bear in mind a frame dismantling and disposal charge of £7 will apply for each old frame brought to the workshop.)