Bespoke Picture Framing Service

Who are we?

 Spire Framing provides a creative, personal and professional service to deliver bespoke, hand made and distinctive picture frames that will complement and do justice to the artwork or photography. 

Why come to Spire Framing

Marshall has trained to Fine Art Trade Guild standards and he is a Guild qualified Accredited Picture Framer (APF).  You will be dealing directly with our experienced frame maker who is passionate about framing and has chosen this as a career and craft. Using professional equipment each frame is made with precision and attention to detail that is quite rare in todays world of online ready-made products. Most pictures are not a standard size and in order to present them well requires expert knowledge and attention to detail. This is best achieved by bringing your picture or object to the workshop where we can select from a wide range of frames and mounting materials.  There’s free parking! Away from the hustle and bustle of a high street shop.

All items brought to us are valuable whether it’s material value, personal value or both. We also carry out conservation and museum standard framing for those treasured items that will last a long time and maybe passed down the generations. Our Frame Maker is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild which sets the standards in the art and framing world. He keeps up to date with the latest ideas, materials and technique.

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We have a wide variety of frame samples and mountboards to choose from and they are displayed in the workshop area.