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Pre-Christmas discount on all framing until 15th December! Why not call us on 01722 718695 or 07747 017221 and ask about our bespoke framing services. Come over to the workshop and see what we can do for you. No obligation

A wonderful set of sports medals and a great achievement by the customer. The frame is solid Ash wood hand finished with stain and wax. The glass is premium water white anti-reflective glass.

It was a great pleasure to frame these medals and photographs in honour of George Purchase who fought in the trenches during the first world war. Framed with Chestnut burl veneer frame and water white anti-reflective premium glass.

Get 15% off the price of all framing from 7th to 30th November. This offer includes specialist glass such as the high clarity water white anti-reflective glass which is becoming a popular choice over standard glass. This is exceptionally good

I am proud to have recently been awarded the Guild Certified Framer (GCF) accreditation by the Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG). The GCF (APF) is recognised as the industries’ leading qualification in all Guild member countries. In 2015 the FATG

These medals were awarded to the father of four brothers for service during WWII. A gentleman came into the shop asking for three identical frames to be made for his three brothers as surprise gifts. They were delighted when the

Always a pleasure to frame for our forces. On this occasion four signed sports shirts from, Derbyshire cricket team, Mo Farah, Leicester rugby team and Atherton Racing were framed by Spire Framing and presented at the 300 year anniversary of

Hi, There are many sound reasons for choosing a bespoke framing job over something off-the-shelf, not least the overall high quality and professional look of the finished article. If you’ve taken time to select and quite likely spent good money

To visually enhance artwork and offer the ultimate level of protection If you own either valuable artwork or items of sentimental value which you wish to display yet protect for future generations of your family it is vital they are

A wonderful story of a soldier who served in the signals and took part in Operation “Market Garden” during WWII. The framing tells a story including medals, service record, photos and a letter to his sweetheart.

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